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Community Based Instruction 2017-2018

Here is a tentative CBI calendar.
1      Special Games
5      Recycling 3rd
8      Huntington Beach 
12    Last Recycling 3rd period
14    Minimum Day-Graduation 4:30
15    Minimum Day (No Seniors) Last Day 
4        Goodwill
11      Wal-Mart
15      Donut Store
19      Prom
22      Recycling 3rd
24      Strawberry Festival
25      Harry's Cafe (Lunch)
28      No school
2-6     Spring Break 
13      99 Cent Store
13      Recycling 3rd
20      ATP Visit-Seniors
27      Magnolia Park
30      Recycling 3rd
2        Arts at the Ranch
9        Magnolia Park
12      Recycle 3rd
16      Carl's Jr. 
23      Rancho Buddies Dance
30      TBD
2        99 Cent Store
12      No School
13      Recycle 3rd period
14      Class party/cooking lesson
16      Target
19      No School
26      Recycling Center 3rd
8        Welcome to 2018! First day back!
12      No CBI 
15      No School
16      Recycling Center 3rd
19      7-11
25      Minimum Day 1/3/5
26      Minimum Day/2/4/6  &  Magnolia Park
29      Non- Student Day
30      Recycle 3rd
1        Basketball Tournament
4        Recycling Center 3rd
8        Magnolia Park
13      Department Shopping Trip
15      Rancho Buddies Gift Exchange
18      Recycling Center 3rd
22      Class Party
3         Wal-Mart
6         Recycling Center 3rd
10       No School
13       Recycling Center 3rd
17       Magnolia Park/Convience Store
20-24 Thanksgiving Break
27       No School - Non Student Day
6    Best Donuts
13  Harry's Cafe
20  Goodwill/99 Cent Store
27  Magnolia Park
30  Recycling Center 3rd
Thank you! 

This school wide program promotes positive behavior and the core values of Rancho Alamitos.  
Respectful, Accountable, Honorable, Successful
When students are displaying these values teachers are able to scan their ID card in which the student will have an opportunity to win rewards such as Rancho gear, free tickets to school activities and much more. 
I am excited to recognize not only my own students but the entire student body!


I look forward to working with each of you and your student this school year!  Please feel free to stop by class or contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
Go Vaqueros!

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