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Quiz Corrections.

First, thank you to those who emailed their suspicions and questions. Here we go.
Problem 5:  Eccentricity.  Based on sections 10.1-3, eccentricity is only mentioned for the hyperbola and ellipse. Making C and D the correct answers.  However, in section 10.7 (which we didn't cover), it includes the parabola.  So, this would make B, C, and D correct answers.  A quick on line search, also includes the circle.  This means A, B, C, and are correct.  So, what does this all mean.  All 4 conics have eccentricity.  As long as you had any of these three choices, I gave you credit.
Problem 7:  My bad.  answer C should have been "center" not "radius".  (I looked at that problem 6 times and never saw it.  That is why you should someone else proof read your work.) So, D was the only correct answer.  However, I did also accept C and D.  (I am such a nice guy. :))
Problem 18:  The correct answer should have been A.
Problem 24:  Guess what?  The correct answer was not given.  I don't know if it was a typo or something I over looked when I cut and pasted answers.  Anyway, everyone got credit for it.  (Yeah me!)
Finally, problem 25:  Yes, there was a correct answer.  It was D!  For those of you that missed it, sorry.
I have gone through each of your scores and given credit where credit was due.  Your scores will be posted tomorrow.  Also, I will be updating assignment scores as well.
Hope this clears most everything up.  Great job today.

polar equation project 2020

I apologize for posting late.  Thank you for the questions about the quiz.  I am still looking at the questions you submitted.
This is a brief overview of graphing polar equations.  To graph a polar equation, you substitute angles into your equation. (Exactly like and x, y table.)  You plug angles in and get radius out.  Be careful with negative answers.
This is section 10.6, pages 822-824.
Your project is due by Thursday, June 11th.  Projects turned in after that day will not be graded.  (I have to have time to get them done for final grades.)
If you have questions ask.  This should not take more than an hour or 2.  Maybe, a little longer if you have to make your own polar graphs, or if you suddenly are finding yourself in a creative slump.
Be sure to find the earlier posting with the classical curve example.

Quiz Results

Thanks to all of you who took the quiz.  I will be going over the results.  I know I need to take a look at question 5, 7, 18, and 24. I am disappointed that some of you actually missed problem 25.  Oh, well.
Thanks again. 
The classical curves project will be posted by 2:30.

Quiz Time

All right peeps. It's about that time.  Hopefully, this is going to work.  If not, it will the shortest quiz any of you have ever taken.
Good luck to all of us!

Algebra II/Trig Quiz

Good morning.
Seniors, this is it.  This is the last thing you have to do for Algebra II/Trig.  Congratulations, the three of you have passed!
You all will need to sign-in to Illuminate by 1:00 pm.  The quiz is timed.  It will end at 1:45 pm.  There will be no extra time.  You will not need to send any pictures.
Here is the address for Illuminate if you need it.
I have double and triple checked the question and answers (especially #25), but if you believe there is some issue with a question, email me.  I will take a look at it.
Some time this afternoon, information regarding the last opportunity to raise your grade will be posted.  This is the last week of school!  There is no time for make-ups.  Please watch your deadlines.
Finally, thank you all for your patience, for your perseverance, and your dedication.  It is a testimony to your greatness.  And YOU ARE GREAT!

Algebra II/Trig Quiz

There will be a quiz on Monday, June 8th, at 1 pm.  Not 11:30 am.  The quiz will be on Chapter 10.1-3 (the conics).  It will be on Illuminate.  Please make sure you can log into Illuminate.  If you can't please let me know.  Thanks.
Also, there will be a project next week.  It will be worth a test score (100 points).  For those of you wishing one last thing to do to raise your grade, this is it.  Details will be posted after the quiz on Monday.

Algebra II/Trig Notes: 10.5 - Polar Coordinates

As we finish up the school year, we will take a brief look at polar coordinates and polar equations.  Your precalculus class will expand upon it more next year.  There will be some sort of quiz on Monday, June 8th, at 10:30 am.  It will cover Chapter 10.1-3, on the conics.  Please make sure you can log into Illuminate.  Let me know if you have questions.

Algebra II/Trig 10.3 - Hyperbolas d2

Surprise!  No test today.  I know how disappointed you are.  We need to finish our work here in Chapter 10 first.
By the way, all your 10.1-3 assignments are due Wednesday, June 3rd.  Thanks.
After reading through the notes, and be sure to look at page 801 the "Classifying a Conic from its General Equation" box for later, do page 802/11-19 (all) and 46-49 (all).
As always, if you have any questions, please ask.