polar equation project 2020

I apologize for posting late.  Thank you for the questions about the quiz.  I am still looking at the questions you submitted.
This is a brief overview of graphing polar equations.  To graph a polar equation, you substitute angles into your equation. (Exactly like and x, y table.)  You plug angles in and get radius out.  Be careful with negative answers.
This is section 10.6, pages 822-824.
Your project is due by Thursday, June 11th.  Projects turned in after that day will not be graded.  (I have to have time to get them done for final grades.)
If you have questions ask.  This should not take more than an hour or 2.  Maybe, a little longer if you have to make your own polar graphs, or if you suddenly are finding yourself in a creative slump.
Be sure to find the earlier posting with the classical curve example.