Alegbra 2p (Period 1)


Algebra 2P Notes: 0.9 - Measures of Position d3

As we finish up the school year, we will be covering some basic topics from statistics.  This is so those of you taking Trig/Prob Stats next year will have at least seen the basics.  There will be a quiz or test next week.  I will let you know.
Please continue to turn in your work.  It is important you do because it demonstrates that you are attempting to make progress.  This is important to your grade.
Any work from Chapter 13 that you have not turned in is due Wednesday, June 3rd.
Please read the attached file on "Measures of Position" and do the problems assigned at the end.  If you have any questions, please ask.

Test Over.

Algebra 2P.  Your test time is officially over. 
Send your test to
Have a good weekend.

Test Prep. Instructions

Good morning all you wonderful Algebra 2P and Algebra II/Trig students.

Good luck to all of you today.

 Some reminders as you get ready:

Watch your time.  Set an alarm on your phone so that you have enough time to take your pictures and email them to me. 

Email your test to

Make sure you see my “Thank you” reply.  If you do not see the reply, I might not have received your test.

(Sending your work in late will result in a loss of points, and your test may not be graded.) 

Then silence your phone and set it aside until you need it.

  1. Don’t forget to include the “statement of academic honesty/integrity” and your signature at the beginning of the test. (You will lose 10 points if it is not included.)
  2. Close your book. Put all other notes and resources away.  Close all windows on your computer except this one to access your test and your email account. 
  3. No “zoom” or any other type of video chatting or communicating during the test.
  4. Remind your family that you are taking a timed test. Let them know what time you will be done so they try not to bother you.
  5. Get your paper, pencils, erasers, calculators (if you are allowed to use one on the test) ready to go.
  6. If you had your “test notes” preapproved, then have them with you. (If you did not have your “test notes” approved, then you do not get use any notes during the test.)

 A couple of reminders:

It is OK to use a, nongraphing, scientific calculator.

“Exact” value means no rounding.  Write answers with radicals in radical form.

Simplify all fractions and radicals.


At 10:30, click on your class link and begin.  Good luck!  You can do it!

Statement of Academic Integrity/Honesty.


“I declare that all work on this test is my own without the help of anyone else or any other source, and that I followed Mr. Pyle’s “Test Rules”.

Make-up Test

For the Algebra 2P and Algebra II/Trig students the test will begin at 10:30 AM NOT 10:30 pm.  I apologize for any confusion.  Be sure to check in tomorrow morning for test instructions.
Again, the make-up test is Friday, May 29th, and 10:30 am, as in the morning.

Make-up Test

For all students who missed the last Algebra 2P or Algebra II/Trig test, the make-up test will be this Friday, May 29th.  The test will begin at 10:30 pm.

Algebra 2P Test

The Algebra 2P test is over at 11:30 AM.  NOW.  Not 11:30 PM.  Sorry for the typo.

Algebra 2P Test Reminder

Make sure you have had your "test notes" pre-approved before the test.  They are due today, Thursday, May 21st, along with your 13.1-2 notes.
The test will begin at 10:30.  I will post the test on Friday at that time.  Follow all the directions on the test.
Have your test area ready to go by 10:15 so you have a few minutes to relax and get ready.
Remember, all test rules apply just as if you were in class.
Algebra 2P class may use calculators on this test.
If you have questions, ask now.
Thank you and good luck.

Algebra 2P 13.1-2 Test

There will be an  Algebra 2P test, on Friday, May 22nd.  it will cover sections 13.1-2.
The test will begin at 10:30 am and finish at 11:30 am.
The test will be look like the quiz you just took. Make sure you look at 13.1 (day 1) from 4/15.  REMEMBER, you have to use identities to solve your equations.  The basic definitions will not be accepted.
The due date for notes and  "Test Notes" is Thursday, May 21st.  (If your notes have not been preapproved, you may not use them.) I will repost the "Test Notes and Rules" sheet.  Remember, "Test Notes" have to be on half a sheet of paper.
The following notes are also due:
13.1 - The basic Identities or flip cards and Photos 1, 2, and 4 that accompany the video.
13.2 - the "Verifying Identities" box and the example from the video.
If you have questions, don't wait, ask.

Quizzes are late

All Algebra 2P and Algebra II/Trig students.  Your quizzes are late.  They are now worth 50%.

Algebra 2P Verifying Trig Identities (d2)

Algebra 2P students, please do the following problems:  page 883/19-32 (all).
There will be a quiz on 13.1-2 next week. 

Make-up Test

There will be an  Algebra 2P and Algebra II/Trig Make-up test, on Friday, May 8th.  This test is only for those students who did not take the first test on April 24th.
The test will begin at 10:30 am.
The Algebra 2P will cover chapter 12.6-8.
The Algebra II/Trig test will cover chapter 6.3-5
The due date for "Test Notes" is Thursday, May 7th.  (If your notes have not been preapproved, you may not use them.) See the prior posting for "Test Notes" and Rules.
There are no other notes due at this time.
If you have questions, don't wait, ask.