School Profile


Welcome to Rancho Alamitos High School!  This school year will provide many opportunities for academic, personal, and social growth. The Rancho staff is here to help you achieve your goals and will support your efforts. Your success at Rancho will depend on your commitment to success, so work diligently in the classroom, make learning your highest priority, and establish positive, productive relationships with your teachers.  Also, become an active member of the student body!  Students who are involved in campus clubs, sports, organizations, musical groups, drama, and student government enjoy school and their high school experience more.  Your participation will enrich you and will make Rancho a better high school, too.  Your success is our goal. We look forward to your accomplishments.


Rancho Alamitos History

Rancho Alamitos High School opened its doors in 1957.  The name, meaning ranch of the little cottonwoods, is a tribute to the Hispanic heritage of the area.  The forty acres of the Rancho Alamitos High School campus was part of the original Rancho Los Nietos (grandchildren), circa 1784.  Later, the land was divided among many family members into smaller Ranchos.  Throughout the following years, the property had many owners.  In the 1950’s, the Garden Grove Union High School District purchased the land from the Evans family.  In 1956, construction on the first unit of what was to become Rancho Alamitos High School was begun.  A greater part of construction was completed in 1957.  There were two homes on the property facing Dale Street.  The homes belonged to the Evans and Miller families and were located just north of the faculty parking lot.  The homes were used as classrooms until construction was completed in 1959.


Rancho Alamitos first opened for grades nine through eleven on the Garden Grove High School campus during the fall of 1956.  In the spring of 1957, the Rancho Alamitos campus officially opened under the direction of the first principal, Mr. Don Kennedy.  The first senior class graduated in the spring under the principalship of Mr. Richard Bilvin.   In 1960, Mr. Sam Chicas was principal, to be followed by Mr. Vic McClain (1961), Mr. William Zogg (1964), Mr. Tracy Strong (1966), Mr. Ron Forsyth (1976), Mr. Jim DeLong (1982), Mr. Bob Mesa (1985), Mr. Tom Robins (1991), Mr. Gene Campbell (2000), Mr. Frank Mackay (2006), and the current principal Ms. Mary Jane Hibbard.


The Rancho Alamitos mascot is the Vaquero.  Vaquero is the Spanish word for cowboy.  The Vaquero was chosen in respect for the men who worked the lands of old Rancho Los Nietos.  Over the years, the Vaqueros have been known for their hard work, dedication and pride of accomplishment.  The traditions started many years ago still continue today.  We are proud of our heritage and proud to be Vaqueros!