WASC Accreditation


Accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges


Rancho Alamitos is fully accredited under the requirements of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Re-accrediting must occur every six years. The WASC accreditation process is called Focus on Learning. The goal of this process is to evaluate a school’s impact on student learning, as well as the effectiveness of the school’s programs and its operation. For the last year-and-a-half, Rancho Alamitos had been undergoing the Focus on Learning Process to prepare for a visit from a WASC visiting committee in March of 2017.


Our visit was extremely successful! The visiting team affirmed all of our hard work and Rancho received a 6 year accreditation! We are so proud, and look forward to continuing on our journey to ensure the success of all students.


Focus on Learning involves our entire faculty clarifying our schoolwide learning goals and studying what we do to help students meet them. Rancho Alamitos’ Schoolwide Learning Goals are:


To foster independent learning, academic success, healthy lifestyles, and social responsibility with following outcomes - 

Proficient in the standards

Skilled in communication, technology, scholarly habits, and critical thinking

Experienced in civic responsibility, ethical behavior, and cultural diversity


In addition to celebrating the many successes at our school, in studying how our school organization, curriculum, instruction, assessment and support for student achievement address this learning goals, Rancho Alamitos found the following areas for growth to add to our ongoing Single Plan for Student Achievement.


  • Developing a systematic approach to collaborating around instruction, assessment, and engagement to try to decrease the D/F rate and improve the a/g rate.
  • Increasing capacity for the effective implementation of instructional technology
  • Continuing to address the proportionality of our subgroups in advanced and AP classes
  • Continuing to work on increasing parent involvement in school events.


We are confident that our can-do staff and great students can make progress on these goals in the coming years and look forward to our visit with the WASC committee in March.​