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F.A.C.T. Program

FACT Advanced Team
Founded in 1998, FACT stands for Freshmen Advanced Curriculum Team. It is composed of 30 of our sharpest and most gifted Freshmen. Students who are enrolled in the FACT program take the following courses in ninth grade:
  • Honors English
  • AP Human Geography
  • Biology
The Goal of FACT is to offer these students special challenges through the integration of the subject material from all four of their core curriculum classes and assist them to fulfill the potential of powerful learning.

Rancho's FACT program has received statewide attention from the California Association for the Gifted (CAG). Teachers from the FACT program presented at the Orange County Conference in 1998 and 2000, the CAG conference in Sacramento, and at the 1999 CAG Teacher Institute in Santa Barbara, where their models of curricular integration served as an example to other educators.

The FACT teachers are:
  • Mr. Martin - English
  • Mrs. Snee – History
  • Mr. Durand – Biology