Track & Field (Period 6)


Sports Update

First, let me take the opportunity to thank each of you for a wonderful season.  I know it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay shorter than what any of us would have liked.  Even so, there were some tremendous performances, and performances that gave us glimpses of some great future successes.  Our program, on all levels, has a very bright future ahead of it because of your hard work.  Thank you.
OK.  Here is what I know as of May 27th.
1.  There will be sports!  No one knows when it will begin, or how long a season will be.  When we know, you will know.
2.  There is NO SUMMER sports.  This means, no summer league or practices.
3.  Hopefully, you are still interested in participating in athletics this next year.  Contact your coach for information.  I will provide a list of sports and their contact information.
4.  You will still have to be cleared. 
I.  You will still need a physical.  I don't know how you will be able to get one right now.  But, if you can, when you can, try to get one.  I know it seems silly to be concerned about a sports physical with everything else going on, but life will go on, and sports will be a part of it.  We want you to be prepared when that happens.
II.  You will be notified when you will be able to go on line and update your information on  Please wait to update until you have received the OK.
III. Grades will still be checked.  Letter grades will not be issued for this semester.  From what I have heard, you will need to receive "Credit" for 4 of your classes or more.  If you have questions, about grades contact Coach Enright or Pines.  They will have the most up to date information regarding athletics.
Following is a list of the Fall and Winter sports and contact info.  Contact your coach for training suggestions to help you prepare for your upcoming season.
Good luck this year, and again, THANK YOU for your support of and participation in Rancho Alamitos athletics.
Football:  Mike Enright
Girls Volleyball: John Doles
Girls Tennis: Cindy Enright
Boys Water Polo: Tori Cree
Cross Country: Berenice Carbajal
B soccer Juan Negreros:
G Soccer Marc Pickett:
B BB  Eric Aponte:
G BB  Jeremiah Hazel:
G WP  Tori Cree:

7.2 - Law of Cosines

After you have read through the notes for 7.2 - The Law of Cosines, do page 557/8-24 (ev).
Please check with your friends to make sure they are getting the notes and assignments.  Thank you.

On-line learning

As of today, March 18th, the school will no longer be providing copies of assigned work.  ALL work be done online.  If you do not have access to a computer, you may pick up a chromebook, today, before 6pm in the attendance office.  You do not have to be accompanied by a parent, but you must have a parent signature.If you need it you may use the attached check out form.

Track and Field Practice

As you know, because of school being closed, there is NO PRACTICE of any kind for the next 4 weeks.  As soon as I hear anything different I will let you know.  
Right now, the most important thing is that you and your family is healthy and stays that way.  All else is secondary.
Be safe.  Stay healthy.
If you have any questions, please email me at