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College Information

To be eligible for admission to a four-year university, students must meet the a-g subject requirements. These requirements represent the minimum academic standards for eligibility. Meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission. Admission to the campus and program of choice often requires students to meet more demanding standards including high entrance examination test scores. All courses taken to satisfy college admission requirements must be completed with a semester grade of "C" or higher.
College Exam Required
For the class of 2021, the SAT and ACT exams has been suspended for most four-year universities. Please check each college for their testing requirements.  Check with your counselor if you qualify for a fee waiver for both exams.
Planning for College
The California College Guidance initiative manages, the state of California's official and career planning platform, which is free to call California educators, students, and families.
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Within CGCI, you will plan for College, Career, and Financial Aid.
College Application and Financial Aid
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College Applications
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A-G Requirements

A. History / Social Science - 2 Years (3 Recommended)      

     World History P or AP

     US History P or AP


B. English / Language Arts - 4 Years

     English 1P or 1H

     English 2P or 3H

     English 3P or English Lang/Comp AP

     English 4P or English Lit/Comp AP

C. Mathematics - 3 Years (4 Recommended)

     Algebra 1P

     Geometry P

     Algebra 2P


Other Advanced Math Courses in sequence such as Algebra 2/Trig, Advanced Algebra 2 with Trig, Trig & Stats, Pre-Calculus, Calculus AP, Statistics AP

D. Science - 2 Years (3 Recommended)

     Biology P or AP

     Chemistry P or AP

     Physics P or AP

     Human Anatomy P

     Environmental Science AP  

E. Language Other Than English - 2 Years (3 Recommended)--in same language

     Spanish 1, 2, 3

     Vietnamese 1, 2, 3, 4H

     Heritage Spanish 1, 2

     Spanish Language AP

     Spanish Literature AP    

F. Visual and Performing Arts - 1 Year





     Graphic Design

G. Electives - 1 Year

One year of a course approved specifically in the “g” subject area or one year of an additional approved “a-f” course beyond the minimum required for that subject area.